Black Ops 4 UPDATE: Patch notes. DLC news for HUGE Operation Absolute Zero release

Black Ops 4 developer Treyarch is about to release some big new Call of Duty updates.

It’s all part of Operation Absolute Zero, which is described as “a massive new series of content” for Black Ops 4.

This includes updates to Blackout mode, a brand new character named Zero and changes to Zombies and multiplayer.

According to the early patch notes, it starts with a big Blackout update on December 10.

Treyarch explains: “On December 10, we’re setting the stage with several hotly-anticipated updates to the core Blackout experience for all platforms, including our new Armor repair system, audio improvements, SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing, and seasonal changes across the entire map.”

To make the experience a bit more festive, Treyarch will introduce new foliage and softer winter lighting.

“Subtle environmental improvements are also coming to Nuketown Island, Hydro Dam, and Factory – see if you can spot what’s new on Monday.”

Next up is the introduction of Hijacked to the Blackout map, which will be located in the northwest quadrant of the map.

Based on the classic Call of Duty map, Hijaked adds a luxury yacht to the game.

Hijaked will be joined by a new ARAV armoured vehicle and new operator Zero, who will be available in multiplayer and Blackout.

“Zero can disrupt and distract her enemies using the powerful hacking tools at her disposal, bringing new counteractive measures to the table in Black Ops 4,” Treyarch explains.

“Players can unlock Zero by completing Tier 1 in the newly revamped Black Market and immediately start testing out her wonderful new toys.”

Treyarch is also planning a big Christmas event later this week, and has already started thinking about the next new update.

Fans will soon be able to play custom games, equip new weapon camos and even throw snowballs.

“On top of the free content kicking off next week, there’s even more coming to Blackout soon with the addition of Custom Games, Weapon Camos, Stash interface updates on consoles, holiday map decorations, throwable Snowballs, new seasonal Special Event Tiers, in-game promos, gameplay improvements, and more,” Treyarch adds.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.