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Life perspective

“The furnace” of the leader

In a few articles before, I commented that our society – from officials to black people, from vi to vi – is a comedy stage. Now that I think about it, that comment is not very accurate in terms of language. This society is not a joke, but a joke. farce farce. comedy, even if […]

Philosopher's perspective

Integrity is strength.

It seems that the Indian subcontinent is also applying technology to control people. India’s program, not so grim as the Chinese Empire’s “citizenship” program, but also causes its civil activists to frown. If China’s citizenship program is based on the technology of the ghost jack, 1.3 billion Indians are fingerprinted, iris, and facial recognition on […]


There is no wisdom / foolish notion in love!

“we are never disappointed by love” – the koan of relationships – osho One day he was thanked by her mistress. “he” – the protagonist was surprisingly surprised, because “he” thought that the thank you always had to be it. “it” gives, “it” offers, and it is deeply grateful to the recipient. “it” does not […]