Month: July 2019

What Makes The Beauty

Dandruff! Please stay away from me!

For many years I have always been tired of a dandruff scalp. Especially in the hot summers causing sweaty scalp, it has created conditions for dandruff to develop, making me uncomfortable, itchy extremely. I have tried some of the popular dandruff shampoos on the market and also avoid never using it with hot water but […]

Life perspective

The Red Dragon vs Mr Pheo – Who’s win?

The Red Dragon is one of the best-known works of writer Thomas Harris, along with Hannibal and the Silence of the Lambs. People often appreciate the Silence of the sheep, but to me, the Red Dragon impresses me the most. Dolarhyde character left the most regret after folding the book. And I suddenly remembered Chi […]


“The ballet girl”

The end of the seventies and the early eighties of the last century, there was no beauty queen in Vietnam. At that time, the girls of the Vietnamese dance school (this school is located in the office of the future translation) were unwritten Misses and Miss Pageants. dancers are considered as miss girls because dancers […]