Lucas Perez (Part 2) – The best position for Perez

Lucas Perez can play both striker and winger. While at PAOK Perez often came from the left wing but he looked like an inside forward rather than a pure winger. It was because he tends to bundle in to perform dribbling and then pass the ball rather than finish it off.

The time in Deportivo was when he was brought in as a striker and since then he has developed his ability to score goal. Despite playing as a striker but the player moves widely and many times to the edge of two or back to the middle.

Thanks to the wide range, Perez has the opportunity to take advantage of the speed to penetrate the penalty area of the opponent and score. Perez’s versatility is very beneficial when Wenger uses him in positions of striker or wings.

It will not be easy for him to shine at Arsenal. Perez will require large space in front of him to be able to operate. Many teams  may be able to use the bulk of the defense and a player who is accustomed to counter-attacking play like Perez will face many difficulties. Not to mention, his ability to rotate in the narrow space of the player is also debatable.

In addition, Perez was not a good player at the end of the season since he only won 4/17 of his air disputes and none of his goals came from a header. This Spanish striker will not be the best solution when Arsenal need people operating in the narrow space for other teammates.

Of course, as a striker, Lucas Perez was brought in to improve the quality of striking lines. Scoring is not his only task. He also shared the task of creating and scoring goals with Mesut Ozil, Granite Xhaka or Santi Cazorla. In addition, he is also expected to create surprises and break the deadlock with great tactical vision plus his ingenuity.

It is possible Perez will be used in the right midfield position in 4-2-3-1 when he will be joined by Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez to form a trio of midfielders playing in the back. His appearance on the right side  will help Arsenal increase their ability to penetrate the opponent’s defense significantly and the North London team will also have a left footed striker.

In the context of many players being bought at a higher transfer price than their real value, Arsenal’s ability to score a player who scored 17 goals in La Liga as Lucas Perez could be considered a bargain. If he can maintain his impressive performance from Deportivo to Arsenal then the ability to be called up to Spainish Nation team is absolutely possible.

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