Lionel Messi: Because the best is still ahead (part 2)

The most special gift: Antonella
It was the girl Lio fell in love with as a kid. Not a celebrity, neither a superstar nor a sharp figure, she was just an ordinary girl in poor Rosario. He loved her quietly, then willingly helped her when she met the incident. Then, the two of them nurtured that beautiful feeling until now. Thiago and Mateo are the result of that warm love.
Lio has suffered a number of career hardships, ranging from injuries to failures in front of glory, or allegations of tax evasion from the court. It was Antonella and two lovely boys who helped him to stand up to the waves, to continue looking for the best. And on June 30th, at the age of 30, Lio decides to marry her. That day would probably be the happiest day of his life.
The lifetime Gift: the soccer ball
Just watching how Lio plays football, we understand how much he loves football. Messi makes this world go crazy with him not only for his beautiful goals, impressive ball moves, but also for the way he loves the ball – a love with passion, like a kid’s passion. With his early game.
Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan correspondent and author of the football book, “Football, under the sun and in the dark, writes in The New York Times:” No one plays as much fun as Messi. He plays like a playful kid in the grass, not the responsibility of winning. ”
He went ball, blocked the fall, then stood up, get the penalty kick immediately. For him, there is no time to hurt, to wait for the quarrel, with him, the ball is the opportunity. Lio’s exotic eccentric face when pushing the ball between the opposing players enough to see that football with Messi is not just a career. It was true love, a burning fire burning in his chest, on his feet, bringing him from challenge to glory.
This character was present in Lio’s life, helping him shine and leave a special mark in his career. At the age of 30, the age signals that he is no longer young, but writers and all those who have and are still supporting him are certain that the best is still ahead. Because he is also supportive, because he is loved, and because the ball is always there waiting for him to run and make a surprise. Shine and show that you are God’s gift to this earth until the feet begin to get tired.

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