Batigol: Forgetting him is a crime (part 1)

Gabriel Batistuta entered the dressing room of Argentina. Some players turned to greet him, the rest showed indifference. The blonde hair is cut short, the face is somewhat tired, Batigol may be slightly different today but not unrecognizable.
“I would like a better reception, not because of who I am, but because I used to play for this dressing room, but I would not cry for that …”
Being forgotten is a real fear for so many people. The flow of football history goes through more than a century, marking many great players with glorious feats, but everyone is gradually forgotten. Batistuta’s tears did not fall because of his selfishness, though he was so easy to cry, his fans (including writers) would cry.
First of all, in terms of expertise, Batistuta was one of the best strikers in the heyday of Italian football. It was a period where winning the Capocannoniere was more difficult than winning the Serie A championship with such prominent strikers as Marco Van Basten, Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri, Filippo Inzaghi, Giuseppe Signori, Adrian Shevchenko, Hernan Crespo, David Trezeguet , Ronaldo … Individuals are able to recall the legend but Batistuta stands out in his own way.
Definitive assertions, whether close or far, whether simple or technical, all show a strong, drastic but not lack of sophistication. He can crush the opponent defender, manage in the circle of many people and then hit the thunder shot to not give the goalkeeper a chance to support. So Diego Maradona praised him as the best striker he has ever seen. 12 years, 11 seasons in Italy, put on three different teams, Batistuta scored 242 goals. At the team level, he was the record keeper for Abiliceleste before Lionel Messi equalized last year.
When asked about this, Batistuta replied:
I do not know yet, I’ve never been interested in statistics, now it’s a pain to break my record. “(Laughs)” But it’s like no one can break it. Is he an ordinary man – an alien who overtakes me, which gives me a little peace of mind. ”
Statistics show Batigol would not mind – showing he needed 78 games to score 56 goals, 0.71 goals per game, much higher than Messi (0.49 goals per game), Maradona (0.37) and Hernan Crespo (0.37). 0.56). He scored 23 goals in major tournaments, 10 goals in three World Cups, the only one to make hatrick in two different World Cup. Copa America 1991, Confederation Cup 1992 and Copa America 1993. The goals … did not calm him:
“When I play, I do not really enjoy the game very much … if I score twice, I’ll want a third goal, I always want more.”

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