Lionel Messi: Because the best is still ahead (part 1)

Surprising things always happen in our life, Eventhough a young boy like Lionel Messi, starting with the contract on a piece of paper napkin. Today footballstatist will tell the story from these early days in Messi’ career.
So fast. In a blink of an eye, young boy Lio is now 30 years old. There are the lessons, the memorable moments and the people attached to us, along with us in the long journey.
Lionel Messi too. His life and career are as great as today, in addition to the gifts God has given them, and in the presence of these people, they can be relatives, friends, teachers, They are – but special characters in his life. It was more meaningful than the gifts he had on his birthday.
First gift: Charly Rexach
“We have to sign this boy right now.”
One day in September 2000 Rexach announced he wanted to sign a boy less than a meter high and full of timidity. He was impressed by the little boy from the first day of his trial in Barcelona. He defied the opposition, despite the difficulties brought to La Masia. And then, the first contract was signed … on a piece of paper. He acted as if to say, “Hey, Lio, you’re mine, you will not get out of my hand.”
He was later supported by the club for the treatment of Hormone deficiency and his family was guaranteed employment in Spain. And Rexach smiled at the Guardian and said, “I’m going to go into Barcelona’s history.”
Second gift: Frank Rijkaard
‘The most important coach in my life was Frank Rijkaard. If you do not decide to take me to the first team I probably will not get today. He put my trust in ‘
The Dutchman is ready to bet on the talent of a 17-year-old boy and is also the first to place him in the “virtual No.9” position in his final year at Barca.
The third gift: Tito
‘Messi decides to stay at Camp Nou because of Tito’ – Former Barca coach Ten Cate reveals Lio’s promise in his former coach’s bed.
Because Tito is one of the longest and closestest of Lio in Camp Nou. Two teachers have had a memorable time: Messi conquered a lot of records when he scored 19 consecutive goals in the league, and over the record year in the legendary Gerd. Muller made 91 appearances and his late master set a new record in Barca history when he became the best starter (28/30). Then when he left for the cancer of evil, Lio cried with regret for the teacher he always loved.

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