Dele Alli (part 2)

At about the age of about 20, not many players can be capable of delivering key passes as good as Alli. More than 90% of the youngster’s passes are towards the half-yard opposite the wide range, from near, medium to far (long passes are usually tee-offs). The number of key passes in Alli’s match is nearly 1.5, surpassing ┬áMoussa Dembele (about 1 ┬ápass) and Eric Dier (about 0.3 key pass).

Alli made an average of 1.5 chances per game and totaled 11 assists last season on all fronts (half of them were for Harry Kane). If there is anything to complain about Alli’s passing level, it must be a long pass. Not that he is far from good, but the frequency of these appearances is not great. This is what makes Alli different from Gerrard.
Balance, speed and technique:
Alli is tall, technically well-balanced and has a good center of gravity. Maybe this 1m88 midfielder does not have a muscular body, but enough balance to help Alli stay firm in the disagreements. In addition, the Spurs 20 had good enough speed to turn their runs into arms in the second half of the second half. Alli was very healthy, with 12.5 km on average per game. Combined with a variety of personal techniques (the knight’s opponent), Alli can be seen as a player in the center of the pitch with unpredictable moves. In addition to the needle technique, Dele Alli’s first touches are also extremely accurate, thus making him less likely to make a personal mistake and escape from a crowded midfield, including being followed by a ball.
Ability to participate in attack and definitely:
10 goals in a season of Alli can not be compared to the performance of Frank Lampard, but we should not ask too much in the 20-year-old midfielder, instead can look at the brave Decisive, decisive and active participation in the attacking front of the home team. In spite of being a central midfielder or a midfielder, Alli also tends to approach the opponent’s goal and use his own technical capital as well as the fear of making crazy decisions about the mutation.
The specialty of the player born in 1996 was the introduction of ice-climbing from the second half and the launch of moderate but very powerful shots. In a high day and good luck, Alli can be a scare for every player. Not far off, the 17th round of the 2015/16 Premier League, Alli hurled in and scored one goal, and one tectonic at the same time. Left midfield kick before Crystal Palace in round 23, Alli repeat similar accomplishments and help Spurs complete a spectacular back row after being led ahead. In League One season 2014/15, Alli scored 0.41 goals per game (16 goals / 39 games). Alli’s record has surpassed that of Christian Eriksen.

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