Bonucci’s upcoming deal: The fate of the alliance “Milan-Juve”

Let’s focus on the three sides of a triangle: “Bonucci – Milan – Juve,” a spectacular deal, a real blockbuster!
Within a day, a new business that sounds like a joke is about to come true. The deal was 90% complete, Milan ended the meeting with Alessandro Lucci and will pay Juventus 40 million euros. Leonardo Bonucci will officially be a Milan player today, he is currently in Milano to test his health. And if this deal has changed at the last minute, it is still worth mentioning!

I will analyze the subjective and objective causes of each party in this business, so that people can understand its underlying causes.

But first, let’s say together, Bonucci is one of the world’s leading midfielders at the moment (if not the best), the backbone of the Juventus defender, and is becoming Soul of the Azzurri. After Cannavaro and Nesta, Bonucci was the best defender Italy produced, if Fabio and Sandro were on the 10th, Leonardo had reached seven points (not a medium), so noticeable blockbuster Most Calciomercarto this summer is not here.

Now let’s go to the cause of each side:
First, let’s talk about Bonucci. Yes, the player must always be the center of the transfer. Why did Leonardo go away, while playing in a club in the top 4 of the world, to switch to a non-Champions League side and be in the Renaissance? The main reason is because of the conflict with Allegri! This controversy began with Palermo last season, and was pushed up against Porto, leading to quarrels and demands to leave. Soon, on December 19th, the Juve team extended the contract with the midfielder until 2021. But this move could not alleviate the Allegri-Bonucci contradiction.
The question is why Bonucci was chosen for Milan, not other clubs outside the Italian border, despite the summer of last year and this year, Chelsea and Man City spent £ 60million picking him up? The first reason is because of his family, everyone knows his second son is seriously ill, so he and his wife decided not to go abroad. The second reason is that this year he is also 30 years old. It is easier to adapt to the environment and culture in his twenties than 30 years of age to play abroad. industry. Milan has the tradition and identity, the great ambition from the financial backing of new bosses, is the ideal environment outside of Juve in Italy that Leonardo needs!
Next, let’s talk about the Milan board: From the beginning of the summer, this is the 10th contract Milan completed. In addition to two missions Andre Silva (buy expensive, he is worth only 25-30 million euros) and Donnarumma (lost both negotiations), the duo Fassone and Mirabelli are doing very well his work. These two missions are hardly reprehensible, because in addition to the Moggi, Galliani or Perez, there are many in the world who are good opponents of the arms of Raiola and Mendes. The total amount of money spent by Milan (up to Bonucci) to date is almost 200 million euros, for 10 contracts in exactly 10 weeks, an impressive number, but there are no signs of stopping! Going into the Bonucci deal, it was no coincidence that the time of buying and closing all the terms was only one day, certainly before the Milan duo met with Leonardo and his representative – Alessandro Lucci. 40 million euros for a leading center in the world during the storm, the new F & M duo increasingly higher hands!

Speaking to Juventus, this will be the story that the Bianconeri and Juventini will repeat many times. Except for Calciopoli losing Juventus Fabio Cannavaro and Lilian Thuram, the Bianconeri have not sold any defender for years. Bonucci would stick with Juve until the age of 34, and it would not be a surprise if Bonucci ended his career at the Juventus Arena. And remember, from the day Marotta moved to Juve from Sampdoria, Juve became a transfer juggernaut with very few mistakes. Especially in the domestic arena, just about Juve to “bloody” other clubs do not do the opposite, please point from Pirlo, Bonucci, Dybala, Pjanic to Higuain … Juve build yourself a replacement. Unique can not touch the same way Bayern Munchen dominate German prizes. At the beginning of the transfer window, Juve put in their needed list of other Serie A stars, such as Donnarumma, Naiggolan, Bernardeschi … But before they even bought any of them, the first From the Marotta dynasty, there was another club at home, “stealing” of Juve, which has made the Bianconeri and Juventini so far still not surprised. Indeed this is a very painful blow to them, certainly Juve will have experienced a lot after this incident!

Let’s continue to Allegri, I really do not like this person (not a personal story, please tell me what my tifoso is), why? Allegri is better, that no one denied, but Max has two points that I do not like. First of all, Max only cares about the team’s performance, but deliberately ignores the preservation of the identity of the club he leads. From the time of Milan, the Milanisti blamed him for abandoning the megalithic ritual into the blood of the Rossoneri, eliminating the talented players to muscle the team thoroughly. Pirlo with the Boateng or Muntari … so Maldini has to say “What are they doing to my Milan?”, Not to mention the overcrowding that led to the elimination of talents like the case of El Shaarawy. As soon as Juventus chose Max, there was a wave of Juventini against him, fearing that Del Piero would someday utter words like Paolo, but Juve was not as proud as Milan, and the quality of Allegri looked back. With them, and success in recent seasons, people forget about those early impressions, but the Juve are realizing that Italy is less and less in Juve. That is what makes the Bianconeri pride, also the fulcrum for the Azzurri throughout history. Now, that substance has left less, loses Bonucci, is not it a lost identity?
Second, Allegri has a problem in acquiring humanity! While in Milan, Allegri had great controversy with the “parliamentary group”. Pirlo had to leave, and Pippo did not join the Champions League (which he and Raul had been the best strikers in history to date), making Nesta, Gattuso or Ambrossini, Abbiati as well. Milanisti can not be satisfied. Now comes Bonucci too, the question is: whether in the current Juve squad, is there anyone who conflicts with Max or not? Remember the influence of the “parliamentary group” in Milan is very big, so Allegri in Milan is not as dare hands now, now in Juve, Max more dictator than that!
Let’s talk about the “Milan-Juve” coalition, which seemed to disintegrate after Calciopoli, but the Bonucci deal was so fast, smooth and affordable that I questioned whether coalition “Milan – Juve” still exists? Come back to history, this invention was formed in the 90s, when Milan and Juve joined the Champions League final six times. At that time, in order to dominate Italian and European football, an unwritten code of conduct was created by the political union between the Berlusconi and the Agnelli, the economic union between Fininvest and FIAT, which created Football league between Milan and Juve, which is the reason both opponents in both Serie A and Champions League, but the trade between Juve and Milan are always cool, such as Roberto Baggio, Edgar Davids or Pippo Inzaghi. From Calciopoli, it’s been such a long time. But Calcio’s growth is the most important thing, and whether this alliance is or not, it does not matter!

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